Decorative Round Ottoman Trays Can be The Best Add-ons to a Space

bckhcjbBelle and June, the leading online retailer in home decor is here to offer you another home decor accent that can up the style quotient at your house like never before. The boutique presents the largest collection of beautiful decorative trays that can serve beauty and functionality both with perfect ease. The best in this range is their outstanding selection of round ottoman trays that can rightly serve as functional art pieces at your home. In fact, if you are a home enthusiast and love to collect the best of things for your abode then round ottoman trays from Belle and June are just the things to go for.

Belle and June’s designer collection of round ottoman trays are made with the finest of materials and by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. These trays come in materials such as wood, leather, glass, gold leaf, laquer, shagreen and more. No matter what style you prefer, there is one design for every home decor enthusiast. After all, Belle and June is the name that home loyalists and designers vouch for and thus, this online boutique makes sure that it

Bedroom Furniture for Looks and Function

vyfgknbFew additions to your bedroom define the space more than the bedroom furniture set you purchase. Bedroom furniture is something that, when chosen wisely, gives your bedroom character and compliments your personality and tastes. Of course, choosing the right furniture can also make a huge difference when it comes to maximizing space usage and storage, so it’s important to take into account both your needs and desires before you purchase a new bedroom furniture set.

Basic Bedroom Design
The right bedroom design for you varies depending on what you use your bedroom for. Is just a place where you sleep away the night? In that case focus on the bed and little else. If you’re like most homeowners, however, the bedroom has become a multi-purpose space. Avid readers probably will want to incorporate a nightstand and bookshelves into their design plan, while movie buffs and television addicts should explore television wall mounts or T.V. stands. Fashion devotees probably need to consider larger clothes storage needs, and purchase the appropriate wardrobes, dressers, and other storage solutions. Before you start shopping, sit down and make a list of what your bedroom

Transforming Your Backyard

hfvhvjkbkljMuch like a living room is for public entertaining and a bedroom is your quiet and private domain, your frontyard and backyard will often serve different purposes of outdoor landscaping. The front of your house is more public. You want passers-by to stop, roll down their windows, and say to themselves, “That’s the house I want.” Your backyard is your personal outdoor oasis.

Backyard Landscaping Installations
You may hear about backyard installations that have better or worse value return. A costly gazebo or storage shed may not have the same installation cost-to-property value ratio as a moderately priced pond or swimming pool. Your first question when deciding what backyard landscaping project to undertake should always be your lifestyle.

If you long for afternoon barbecues, a deck is probably where you should start. If you prefer quiet, evening dining, a patio is probably the better bet. If you’re an avid reader who finds the outdoors relaxing, a pond/waterfall combination may be ideal. A swimming pool can be a good installation that both you and your children can enjoy. Don’t go for projects that seem trendy, unless you’re sure it

Asphalt Sealcoating in Scottsdale

hdsgfivbgfyuigsiufygcasHere in Scottsdale, Arizona with the extreme weather conditions that the summer brings it is very important for property owners and property management companies to sealcoat their asphalt parking lots. Sealcoating is very important due to its great waterproofing and adhesive properties, unfortunately, it also has some rather serious flaws that relate to its chemical makeup which provide easy access to the extreme weather conditions that the Scottsdale, Arizona summers can bring.

The first visual sign that the asphalt is beginning to break down is a change in the color from black to Brown and then eventually to grey. Oil and gasoline are natural enemies to asphalt parking lots, which contain many very similar chemicals, both work very aggressively to dissolve the asphalt.

Scottsdale Asphalt and Striping Company are experts in the field of asphalt sealcoating, crack repairs sealing, parking lot repair, and parking lot striping.

Areas of low traffic on asphalt pavement such as driveways or minor streets often give oil and gasoline a chance to sit and soak in. Asphalt sealcoating can resist these other substances and keep these chemicals from interacting, therefore extending the life of the asphalt and preventing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Built-Up Roofing Systems

iyuguv gsYDUGCytGenerally, roofs with slants and inclines are favored by most residential and commercial residences. Their natural ability to dispose of rain and snow without having to install substantial amounts of insulation has made them an effective and affordable option.

A built-up roof is an integument made up of alternating layers of tar and asphalt materials. They have been used in the U.S. for almost a century and are usually referred to as tar and gravel roofs, as these are some of the primary materials used in its construction.

Built-up roofing takes coal tar-saturated cotton fabrics and gravel-like materials, like asphalt, to assemble alternating layers of bitumen (tar) and roofing felts or ply sheets directly over the roof decks and insulation. The tar is used to soak into the roofing felt and durably hold all the elements together.

Built-up roofing has been around since the 1840s as a reliable option that was readily available for installing new roofs. All it requires is three essential components: a waterproofing component, a reinforcing component and a surfacing component. Most roofs apply variations of these components to create more

Options Available for Custom Designed Stationery

utfytcytftThere are a few different options available for custom stationery. The first option is to use a professional printing company. This can be a corporation that prints all types of packaging materials with various logos and images, or it can be a company that specializes in printing only reading material such as posters, leaflets and brochures. These companies can offer you the best rates for a per piece order because they usually deal in bulk printing. This is a good option to use if you need custom business stationery for your office. They can usually print any type of image or logo you decide to use.

A variation on this service is the custom print websites available online. These are designed to cater to more personal stationery needs and will provide you with boxed sets that come complete with envelopes. In ordering this type of custom stationery, you may be given a choice of templates to use that have pre-designed images on them. You will then have the ability to add a line or two which could be your name and address or a witty saying. Some companies will give you

Think About Rooms And Toilets Again, Because They Are Important

Contemporary-bathroom-designs3In this article, several points are discussed:

– The most important thing to know about the bathroom is the size of the bathtub
– You can use a wide variety of colors and patterns to add an unique touch to your room
– If you are a person who likes to use a bathroom, consider placing a mirror in the room
– The problem is that you can’t get enough of the water to get out of it
– The most important thing to consider when you are choosing a bathtub is to make your bathroom look like a new one

More About Tub

The most popular bathroom furniture is the bath tub. The tub is a great way to get the bath together. The bath tub is a great way to keep your family entertained and relaxing. The bathtub is a great way to get the bath together. The tubs are made of materials like plastic, vinyl, and glass. The bathtub is a wonderful way to add extra value to your bathing.

The bathroom is a great place to start. The bathroom is a place where you can relax and enjoy the rest

Pools and Spas: Are They Worth The Purchase?

tghggfdfytftThere seems to be something that stops a lot of people from moving forward and getting their dream to purchase a pool of their own come true. Really, pools and spas are affordable if you know where to shop, but many people tend to think that this is a luxury that only those with money to spare can afford. If you start looking in all of the right places, then you are bound to find the perfect pool and spa for your home.

The best thing to do is to research all of the different kinds of pools and spas available. You want to make sure that you are selecting the ones that will be of the most beneficial to you, otherwise, you could find yourself wasting a lot more money than you would like. Too many people make the wrong choices at first, pay for pools and spas that they will later change their mind on and then they will shop, yet again, for pools and spas, spending even more money. If you simply focus on what would be the best, right from the start, you can avoid all of

Lighting your Open or Enclosed Metal Carport

imagesIf you’re planning to add an open or enclosed metal carport to your property, be sure to do a little legwork before your Carport Empire professional installer arrives, especially when it comes to wiring. Although Carport Empire does not provide electrical wiring services, your new or existing structure can be wired for electricity and phone service. Your best bet is to talk with an electrical contractor or telephone service provider first, as your plans, as well as the locations of your existing underground utilities wiring (including not just electrical and phone, but gas lines too) may affect the placement and orientation of your new carport.

In planning your electrical wiring, a prime consideration is lighting. Wiring likely will come from the same wiring that powers and lights your home or existing attached garage, depending on how close your new detached carport is from your house. If your carport is small, one or two lighting fixtures may be adequate. A larger, double-bay or triple-bay metal carport, metal garage or metal building may require multiple fixtures to provide adequate lighting. And if you plan a

Outdoor Tables And Chairs Cleaning Tips

indexOutdoor furniture, when well arranged and maintained can take your outdoor space to another level. While arranging furniture is one-time task, to keep you outdoor furniture in prestige condition you will need to clean them regularly.

For best results, you should clean your outdoor tables and chairs for at least four times a year. Once at the beginning of the hot season, once at the end of the hot season, and a couple of times in between. If possible, you should store your outdoor furniture indoors during winter months to prevent extra weathering and staining.

Here are few great tips for cleaning outdoor tables and chairs that will help you keep your outdoor furniture looking like new for longer.

Wood outdoor furniture (including wicker and teak)

Use a mild oil-base soap product mixed with warm water or do your own cleaning solution mixing 2 tablespoons white vinegar, ¼ cup ammonia, and 1 liter of water.
If you choose to use a wood cleaner, make sure to read the directions carefully before applying it to your furniture.
For hardwood furniture, consider sanding and applying a fresh coat of protective finish on it once a year.

Tips to Add Colour to Any Home

When decorating any room in your home, colors play a vital role. Colors can simple transform any boring space into a vibrant and refreshing one. Choosing the right colour for the space is quite difficult to choose as there a lot of choices left before you. You can narrow down the choices based on your wish list. Just choose two or more colour schemes and try to select from them.

Follow the rule

After you choose the colours, the next thing would whether to choose bright, vibrant colour or choose neutral, pale hues. To add right splash of colour to your room, follow the 80/20or 60/30 rule. To be more precise, have bold, bright colours to 20 or 30% of room and remaining 80 or 60% with pale shades, which offers a perfect mix and match.

Another factor includes where to have bold and where to have neutral colours. You can add bright colors to pillows, rugs, throw blankets, lamps and shades, and wall art. You can also add a single furniture in bright colour among other furniture with neutral shade upholstery. Even painting a single accent wall in the living room with a bright colour will also bring in different look to

Curtains For Room and Home Theater

Window treatments are the most significant components for the home theater system as well as do the job in the same way concerning windows. They include which beautiful turn to the room plus theater room to cover the actual display screen. They are suitable when the room has been used by other sorts of objective as well as the display screen can’t be moved out there. Aside from, blinds furthermore required think of your authentic movie theater. Your blinds is usually grouped since blackout repeat blinds as well as unlined blinds. They can be grouped in how they will available or how they are sketched, including middle starting, two-way draw as well as one-way draw.

Home theater curtains and blinds can be purchased in an extensive choice of hues to check the actual decorations in the room. Suppliers will also be featuring custom-designed home entertainment system blinds that may be created to distinct prerequisites regarding peak, wider, color, sort etc. The ideal method would be to produce rating in the rods duration, to be able to how the producer might include one more 6 or 12 inches, according to the style of draw.

Home theatre blinds and curtains begin

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Furniture To Create The Perfect Room Design?

Choosing bedroom furniture isn’t as easy as you may think. There are so many factors to take into consideration and with more people focusing on creating the perfect room design, you need to ensure you follow the steps to create a space that is comfortable, welcoming and will ensure a peaceful sleep each and every night now and in the future.

The first step to any bedroom design is to start with the main bedroom furniture item, the bed. The bed you choose should be based on the size of your room. This will determine whether you need a single, double, queen or king sized bed. Ensure you measure the floor space and then identify the bed sizes, you want to keep ample walking room around the bed to enjoy the space and reduce the risk of feeling cramped.

Take your time and have a look at the frame options available. There are so many great choices available from four poster beds to sleigh beds to more traditional and minimalistic designs. The frame of the bed you choose should be based on personal preference and overall room design. If you are going to a luxurious design, then a four poster bed or

Creating the Perfect Place for Your Kids

Designing kids rooms can be a real challenge. Your kids want a room that is all fun—from the choice of colors right down to easy toy access. You, on the other hand, need that space to be easy to keep clean and well organized. Don’t fret. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you put together your kids room so that it ends up being a place both you and your children can appreciate!

Themes and Colors
When choosing colors for your child’s room, there are a few things to consider. For starters, resist the desire to go too cute. Choose colors that are fun and lively, but also think about what your child will want their room to look like a few years down the road. If you don’t, you’ll likely find yourself calling the painter back in to cover up designs that a “big kid” will find too babyish when they get older. Also think about including a fun theme, such as farm or zoo animals. Nothing beats a good barnyard scene or animal safari when it comes to creating a place where your child’s imagination can run wild.

Think Multifunctional
Another key to creating ideal kids

Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers

Don’t look now, but there’s been a revolution of late in the world of washers and dryers. What used to be a fairly straightforward purchase has now become a decision fraught with an overwhelming array of options and the weight of environmental responsibility. Never fear! We’re here to set the record straight on washers and dryers, and which models, options, and styles should be at the top of your list.

Washing Machines
While they sound complicated, there are really only a few basic things you need to know about washing machines when you shop. First of all, you’ll need to decide whether you want a front load model or a top loading model. Energy efficient front load models use about 2/3 of the amount of water that a cheaper, top loading washer uses to clean the same amount of clothes. Whether you’re concerned about your pocket book or the environment, investing in a front loading washer is an excellent decision. These washers do come with a higher initial price tag, but when you consider energy and water savings, that front loading washer is going to pay for itself as the years go by. Beyond the standard front vs. top load

Marble Countertops: Natural, Unique, Affordable?

Though there are many material available for kitchen and bathroom counters, marble counter installation is often viewed as the most elegant option. Boasting more than just a pretty face, marble countertops are excellent performers and, in many cases, will be the last counters you will ever need to install. Understanding the benefits (as well as the drawbacks) of a material is, of course, an important element in the decision to purchase and install it. Here are a few things that will help you decide whether marble counter installation is right for your home.

Marble Kitchen Counters
While the popularity of its sister-stone, granite, cannot be denied, marble kitchen counters are still regarded as the height of luxury. When it comes to performance, both granite and marble kitchen counters are at the top of the list; the real difference between the two lies in appearance. Both stones can vary dramatically in looks depending on where they are taken from, and it is generally personal taste that decides which one is a better fit for a particular situation. Each stone is somewhat porous, and must be sealed to prevent stains; this is particularly important in kitchen spaces, as the likelihood of spilling a

First Impressions of a Home’s Interior

Too often people don’t take the time to properly consider and adorn their home’s entryway. This is because the entryway is a hallway and not a room in the house. Yet, you should remember that an entryway is the first impression a visitor has of a home’s interior. It needs to be functional but also needs to introduce the rest of the home. Have you considered these accessories for that opening hallway that greets each and every person that comes through your front door?

Entryway Bench
The entryway bench can be the perfect accessory as it fills the need for storage and for sitting. This can be a place for little items that you may carry in and out of the house on a frequent basis, and some extra storage is never a bad idea. You can find an entryway bench that is closed and acts and looks almost like a hope chest or you can have a more open, decorative bench where you can store papers like mail that want to look through later. An entryway bench also provides you with a place to sit. Do you have a household member that always seems to be lagging behind while

A Bedroom Vanity: Simply Beautiful

They may seem to be a holdover from simpler, more luxurious times, but bedroom vanities are making a big comeback in the midst of our hectic modern world. Couples getting ready for work often find that a bedroom vanity is a way to keep them from stumbling over one another in the rush to get ready and get out the door. But just because they make sense, doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. The right piece will be an attractive addition to your bedroom.

Bedroom Vanity Styles

Art deco

    is a style that harkens back to the 1920s and 30s. It uses bold primary colors, geometrical shapes, and steel and plastics. An Art Deco style vanity will bring you back to the days of Jay Gatsby and the flappers.

  • Contemporary or Modern style vanities feature clean lines, simple, unadorned shapes and few frilly edges.
  • Cottage is the name for an informal style that uses natural materials and textures for a rustic, rough-around-the-edges feel.
  • Queen Anne is the furniture style that has its roots in English architecture of the 18th century and is known for its focus on simplicity and refinement.
  • Shaker/Mission furniture blends the simple, uncomplicated furniture of the Colonial American sect with the American arts and

Trundle Beds for Fun and for Space

Trundle beds bring back memories of childhood for most people. Some children’s rooms had bunk beds, others had trundle beds, and for the rest, the guest or little brother slept wherever you could find space. Trundle beds are a terrific alternative to both bunk beds and forced guest rooms (you’d rather have a den, right?), and they are no longer just for small children.

History and Use
Trundle beds, also called truckle beds, are stacked beds. One bed is raised, and the other rolls underneath. They are named for this very feature, for the trundles, or casters, that are attached to the feet of the lower bed so that they can be rolled out when needed. The beds originally were designed for servants, actually, who slept next to their employer to be close at hand. Although you might consider holding onto that bit of information when your child’s friend or younger brother are using it.

A Wide Variety of Trundle Bed Models
Originally, trundle beds were small—the top bed was a twin, the bottom was slightly smaller. For this reason, they tended to take the place of a twin set in a small room for a pair of brothers or sisters. These

Get Medieval on Your House

While few would claim that moats are the new fences, homeowners and contractors alike are finding that old technology can fit pretty well into the modern world.

There’s a Yurt on My Property!
A traditional yurt is a circular, tent-like structure that has been around since the 1200s. Today, we’re seeing modern, more permanent structures that take their design from the ancient blueprints popping up in many areas of the country. Why would someone opt to build a yurt instead of a conventional structure? If you can imagine a dwelling that can be put up in weeks (or even days), has been proven effective in climates from desert to tundra, is extremely efficient to heat or cool, and according to can often be constructed for between $5,000 and $20,000, and even less for more modest and common Yurts. It’s easy to see why some folks have decided to build a yurt as a guest house, vacation home, or even a permanent residence!

The Resurgence of the Log Home
Another incredibly old form of home building that has made a big comeback in modern America is the log home. According to, there are “currently more than 500,000 modern log homes